Company Profile

Company Profile

FCS Flight Calibration Services GmbH is a joint venture of the air navigation service providers DFS Deutsche Flugsicherung GmbH, Austro Control GmbH and Skyguide Ltd. FCS delivers several thousand flight inspection hours each year. This is achieved with our two Beechcraft King Air 350 aircraft – equipped with the most modern technology for flight inspection of navigational aids and procedure validation – , as well as Learjet 35 aircraft for radar flight testing. FCS carries out flight inspection with our King Air 350s in Europe only.

Furthermore, FCS provides R&D, engineering and consultancy services related to flight inspection of civil or military Navigation, Surveillance or Communication (CNS) systems. FCS employees are authors or co-authors of numerous scientific publications, and FCS is the owner of several patents related to flight inspection.

FCS also is a member of the German Institute of Navigation (DGON).


FCS Flight Calibration Services GmbH is a leading provider of flight inspection services for Air Traffic Control navigation and surveillance systems, as well procedure validation. Employing state-of-the art flight inspection technology and offering solutions revolving around flight inspection, FCS continuously ensures the reliability and availability of our customers’ air navigation systems and procedures. FCS is fully committed to providing high quality services and to fulfilling all requirements with respect to safety, compliance, availability, punctuality and competence, even performing complex services for our customers.


FCS as a premium service provider is committed to meet the high quality expectations of our customers through highly qualified, experienced and motivated staff. FCS flight inspectors, flight validation pilots and technical staff hold a special licenses issued by the German Air Navigation Supervising Agency (BAF), complying with the staff qualification requirements valid in Germany (extension of EU 1035/2011 requirements).

Company History

A review of the eventful history of flight inspection in Germany is provided on the website of the International Committee for Airspace Standards and Calibration

» ICASC website.


Our flight inspection aircraft are the most important technical resources of FCS. We employ two King Air 350 aircraft equipped with a high end, commercial flight inspection system, as well as Learjet 35A aircraft for radar flight testing.

Learjet 35A Flight Testing Aircraft

FCS employs an especially equipped Learjet 35A aircraft for flight testing of surveillance/radar systems. This aircraft features excellent performance figures including high altitude capability (up to FL 450), a small radar cross-section and extremely fast deployment times at favourable operation costs. The flight testing equipment comprises of:
  • An aviation-certified GPS data logger system for position recording with or sub-meter precision, using Wide Area DGPS.
  • A transponder system, which can be switched to lower output power consistent with ICAO minimum specifications while retaining full TCAS functionality.
The transponder system is calibrated taking into account the transponder antenna’s far field performance.

King Air 350

FCS employs two identical Beechcraft King Air 350 aircraft (D-CFMD and D-CFME) for flight inspection and flight validation. This aircraft type with its ideal performance, availability and economy is ideally suited for these tasks. Superior engine performance of the PT6A turbines, short runway takeoff lengths, RVSM certification for fast ferry flights at high flight levels, as well as low noise emission are some of this aircraft’s features, as well as equipment of EGPWS/TAWS, TCAS-II and ADS-B. FCS King Airs with their state-of-the art Proline 21 “glass cockpit” avionics (including the FMS3000 flight management system) with current WAAS/ EGNOS/SBAS-enabled avionics and up-to-date firmware supporting current ARINC levels including RNP “RF” leg types, are ideally suited to perform all tasks related to flight inspection and flight validation. The approved Beechcraft service center at Braunschweig airport performs all maintenance activities under supervision of the FCS inhouse CAMO+, thus ensuring an excellent service condition of both aircraft with minimum down-times.

Flight Inspection System

FCS aircraft C-CFMD and D-CFME are equipped with an advanced industry-grade Aerodata AFIS 220 Flight Inspection Systems (FIS) including features such as:
  • High integrity and accuracy of the multi-sensor hybrid positioning reference system with an accuracy of <10cm for phase based DGPS, respectively 0.01° in azimuth and elevation and 20 cm in range for the fully automatic backup laser tracker for ILS and LPV, and sub-meter Wide Area DGPS precision for RNAV
  • Capability to combine ILS, VOR, NDB, TACAN, multi-DME and flight validation patterns; simultaneous checking of 4 DMEs in real time and 10 DMEs in scanning mode
  • EASA certified FIS-autopilot coupling, reducing pilot fatigue, improved efficiency (shorter mission durations) and repeatability, as well as the precision required for noise abatement in high traffic TMAs
  • Fast radio up- and downlinks using advanced military tactical components; flight inspection parameters and graphics can be downlinked to the ground for effective ILS commissioning
  • calibrated 3D antenna patterns processed in real time compliant with ICAO 8071 requirements for field strength measurement accuracy, vital for ILS, GBAS or L-band (DME/TAC) commissioning flights.
  • Optional deployment of FCS’ unique real-time SISMOS (Signal-in-Space Monitoring) system e.g. for ILS, multi-channel DME, or 1030/1090 MHz RF analysis.

Management System, Approvals & Certification

ISO9001-certified in 2003, FCS introduced its Integrated Management System already in 2009. This encompasses processes for flight inspection and aircraft maintenance, QM, SMS, risk management, occupational health and compliance management.

With respect to EASA approval FCS operates as a commercial Specialized Operations Operator under Part-SPO as of 4/2017. The FCS Continuing Airworthiness Maintenance Organisation (CAMO) has been approved by LBA since 2009.

FCS flight inspection systems are approved by BAF Bundesaufsichtsamt für Flugsicherung (Air Navigation Service Provider Regulating Authority, Germany) against certification requirements issued by BAF/DFS, based on ICAO Annex 10 and Doc 8071. Further FCS reference documents are:

  • ICAO Doc 9906 Vol. 5 and Vol. 6 (Flight Validation)
  • Flight Inspection guidelines and manuals of FCS customers

FCS is certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 for carrying out flight inspection, procedure flight validation and associated consultancy services.


FCS performs several thousand hours of flight inspection each year. FCS´customers include:

DFS Deutsche Flugsicherung GmbH
Austro Control
Deutsche Bundeswehr
Österreichisches Bundesheer
Flughafen Hahn GmbH
Baden-Airpark GmbH